Adrenaline Comedy is a comedic stunt show perfect for any college truly looking to bring in something different.   It is the kind of show where people start texting their friends right after the first act to tell them, “this guy is really crazy and he said he was going to _____ at the end of the show, you need to get here!”  It’s like having a magic show with no magic because it is all real. Unless you want some magic – and then it is a crazy show where it’s up to you to figure out what was real and what was not.  Every show is customized from the hours of material Brian has to choose from to fit almost any venue and entertain every audience.

The show is completely interactive and you can’t not watch – you are part of the show. The experience is less of a show and more of a ride as you sit back, buckle up and decide if you should laugh, gasp, watch, cover your eyes – or just throw your arms in the air and scream.

Brian knows the best compliments you can give a comedian are tears, urine and anything that comes back out of your nose or mouth – so he will do everything in his power to make one (or all) of those happen.

“It was exciting to see him perform, it was crazy, insane and funny at the same time.”

Lakeland College

“It was a great performance with a large turnout that everyone enjoyed.  We hope to work with you again in the future!”

Assumption Campus Activities Board

“Perfect blend of danger and comedy.”

Clarkson University

“I am so glad I got to see this before I graduated!”

Penn State