Fairs & Festivals

Adrenaline Comedy is an ideal show for a fair or festival, as Brian’s street performing roots will shine.  He has been a street performer in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for more than 15 years.   Brian’s got a knack for starting a show with almost no one watching, and within minutes getting hundreds of people to stop going where ever they are going just to see what he is doing.  Not only do people stop to watch, but they stay to see what is going to come next because the show is a fast-paced ride with each act bigger than the next.  And with acts including bullwhips, fire jump rope, strait jackets, balancing, and a ton of comedy, it is not hard to figure out why the people stop to watch.  This is a perfect family show with something for everyone of all ages.   On a stage or on the ground, Brian will give audience members a reason to come back to your event night after night.  All shows are designed to fit your environment and audience.  So if fire is a problem for your venue or you need to tone down the danger a bit, that is no issue given Brian’s hours of material to customize the best experience for your crowd every time they come.

“Oh my g-d that was crazy”

Baltimore Inner Harbor