The Rudos

The Rudos is the definition of a family show, as it is a father and son duo, making it the perfect show for any college family weekend, siblings’ weekend, orientation, or anytime you want a crazy fun show.  The show is also great for fairs and festivals as The Rudos bring a hilarious back and forth one-upsmanship between father and son.  With their crazy balancing skills on everything from a rolla bolla, BOSU balls, a 2-foot ball and even each other, they love to interact with the crowd and frequently invite members of the audience on stage to be part of the show.  This makes every show different, especially because the Rudos are always designing new acts. They already have 6 acts never performed by anyone else in the world and pride themselves on customizing the best show for the venue, client, and most importantly the audience.  The bottom line is you’ll leave The Rudos show knowing you won’t forget this father and son who bring their fun and crazy antics to entertain your whole family.  If nothing else, we have a cute kid in a strait jacket.