Stand Alone Stunts

Stand Alone Stunts are great pieces to get everyone’s attention or draw a crowd for a short period of time.  They can be performed at an awards banquet between dinner and the awards ceremony to get everyone excited, in their seats, and paying attention.  At grand openings, Stand Alone Stunts allow you to advertise something unique that will bring everyone to your venue at a specific time. They are great for any event that needs that little extra something crazy.

Brian is always happy to work with you to design something original or themed to your event. Or you can go with something already proven effective from Brian’s current repertoire:


  • Escape from two straitjackets at the same time while balancing on top of a two-foot ball.
  • Cling wrapped in a small clear box and locked on the outside with no curtain to block the escape.
  • Electric Man: Hooked to a 250,000 volt Tesla Coil while lighting a light bulb in one hand and a torch out of the fingers of the other hand.
  • World’s Youngest Professional Escape Artist (Brian’s 7-year-old son Tucker) getting out of a straitjacket on top of an upside-down  BOSU ball on top of a keyboard stand.
  • Upside-down strait jacket escape from a crane or something high.
  • Open to any cool idea!