ESCAPE: is presented by Brian Rudo, a guy who like most of you, made his first escape at birth.  Twenty years later, he upped his game by escaping from straitjackets, rope, chains and even water tanks as a professional escape artist and performer.  Over that time he has come to realize the real escapes are from his own mind.  Where he once perceived the difficulty and danger he thought he faced.  It came down to learning new ways to look at the same situation.  He realized that these were skills he had been using since about 10 years old in dealing with body image and bullying.  These skills were useful in getting jobs, keeping jobs, dealing with uncomfortable or scary situations, the unknown and of course making a living getting out of stuff to entertain audiences around the country.  Give Brian the opportunity to teach you the secrets to getting out of your own head, getting others out of your head, controlling your emotions and taking control of your life..